Z-tech is Expanding!

Memphis, TN – Wholesale central station, Z-tech Central, has expanded its offerings to dealers to include Cernium’s CheckVideo video monitoring solution. “We are always looking for smart solutions our dealers can offer to subscribers,” says Z-tech Central partner, Jonathan Frase. “Video monitoring is a service that has been out of reach for most applications until now. The CheckVideo solution provides smart, simple analytics where the product is doing most of the work. This solution allows our operators to quickly assess the situation and initiate a fast response to the customer and authorities.”

Cernium vice president of corporate development Phil Robertson said the CheckVideo solution added value by simplifying and streamlining. “It’s a solution set that’s comprised of hardware that’s at the premises—an appliance—that picks up the camera image and has built in video analytics, storage, intelligence, etcetera … The other part is software in the cloud and we manage all the devices, and it has built-in security so that you don’t have devices from a thousand different points coming into a central monitoring center. We have a secure connection and will pass on the alarm information from the CheckVideo point,” Robertson said.

The CheckVideo solution is immediately available to all of Z-tech Central’s dealers.